Is fundraising for charity just a way of getting an entry to a sold-out race?

Absolutely not! The first reason to fundraise is to do something you believe in. What’s more, entries to my race weren’t even sold out!

So you may or may not remember that a little while ago I signed up to Ironman Wales. Well, after much thought I decided to take the adventure a bit further by raising funds for charity through the Rotary Charity Fundraisers.


But why go through the extra effort? A number of reasons:

  • I come from a not for profit/NGO background and know how critical funds are to organisations and how dedicated their staff/volunteers are.
  • I’ve been pretty lucky with race entries recently: last year I won an entry to Challenge Roth (thanks Team Zoot Tri Europe) and two entries to the Eton Dorney Sprints (thanks Sports Sister), this year I benefit from three months of free coaching (thanks TriEqual and your awesome Equally Inspiring initiative) and, icing on the cake, I’ve been given my entry to Ironman Wales (massive thanks Mr Tiger).
  • I am in awe of the community spirit in south Wales where we have been welcomed over the past five years.
  • I feel that comparatively little environmental awareness/fund raising is done around triathlons, this strikes me as a shame as we all have an impact on the environment in which we race (the most obvious unfortunately being littering) and I believe it is very important to give back and show we care.
  • I like knowing that my endeavours reach beyond my own self involved worries.

In short, it was a no brainer once I’d realised that there was nothing to lose by trying to fundraise at the same time as training for one of the toughest Ironman there is, fulfilling a full time job and raising my 10 year old daughter.

On the contrary, there is so much to learn and potentially so much I can give back.

Which charity? There are so many worthwhile causes to choose from!  I picked the Rotary Charity Fundraisers because they’re an efficient organisation that raises funds not just for one but for many great causes and also because they already work with Ironman Wales, yes I do like efficiency!


I am proud that my efforts will help their incredibly worthwhile causes that the Rotary Charity Fundraisers supports. These causes belong to 5 main categories :

  • Children’s Hospices
  • Life Education Centres
  • Cancer Charities
  • Air Ambulance
  • Services Charities

Also the Rotary enables me to choose, if I want to, another approved charity that will receive part of the funds I raise. Because I’m primarily a wildlife biologist and a conservationist, I decided to support the Marine Conservation Society as part of my Ironman journey.

It’s no secret, I love the sea! Oceans are our lifeblood and our life support. Without them, there is no life possible on the planet. It really is that simple. You’ve probably all heard that it’s not looking all that good for oceans at the moment and I find it very important to do my bit to help protect them so that our children can enjoy their countless benefits.

Wales is surrounded on most sides by the sea, its coastline is 2700 kilometres long (a bit more a low tide!) with an amazing diversity of offshore islands, cliffs, sandy beaches and rock pools! And would you believe that 75% of that coastline is considered of National and European importance?


The combination of being on the boundary of three oceanic and climatic zones and boasting one of the largest tidal ranges in the world means that the marine wildlife off Wales is more diverse than many other places in Europe.

Wales is also pretty special under water too, with many different types of seabed habitat, which again leads to a great variety of species. Visit Wales and expect to see seals, dolphins, porpoises, sharks, jellyfish, anemones…

The Marine Conservation does an awesome job in Wales (and the UK!) with coastline surveys, beach cleans, awareness raising and promoting sustainable fishing so I feel very strongly about supporting them through fundraising!

Now, along the usual training and racing reports you can now also expect a few blog posts to share my fundraising ideas and journey, hopefully they’ll be also useful to others!

Feeling motivated and generous? Want to know where I stand in my crazy attempt? Head over to my Just Giving page.


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