Going up a notch in 2017

We’ve spent a bit of time assessing where we’re at today in comparison to last year and we’ve realised that there are quite few things that are better.

Here’s what’s new at the beginning of 2017


So far I’m healthy and I’m planning on following up with being vegan, the beans and kale are here to stay



We’re over the moon and the solar system to be members of team Zoot Tri Europe for the second year running


I’m lucky to be benefitting from coaching as part of the Tri Equal programme



The Cub started year 5 at school, which meant that she was finally (her words) able to join an athletics club. As a result she’s been training regularly and taking part in cross country and indoor athletics competitions. She loves it. It means we have to schedule races for three people now.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Mr Tiger is back with a serious focus on swim training and has joined the Dark side of running, with the Darth Coastal Runners, where the typical club run involves a sea or river dip.


We have two new recipes that will change our lives: a killer no-knead bread and vegan chocolate truffles.

Building on this, we’ve drafted our “to do” list for 2017


Explore Wales and do as many races as possible in Wales

Encourage our friend Caroline (and others) to do a triathlon

Teach the ten year old Cub to stop braking all the time when mountain biking, it slows us down!



Rekindle the fire of our love for water sports such as surf, windsurf and stand up paddle



Finalise our racing calendar before the end of January, the current draft is already looking very sexy.

But at the end of the day, the biggest challenge of all might just be to learn to cook vegan soup dumplings and eat them without collateral damage.

And how about you? Plans, suggestions? Know great places or races in Wales?


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