Equally Inspiring!

I was beyond excited when I recently received a message inviting me to join the 2016-17 Equally Inspiring Team along another 74 athletes!


A couple of months ago, I’d applied to become part of the Equally Inspiring programme launched by TriEqual for the 2015-16 season. TriEqual’s aims are to promote fairness, progress, and equality in triathlon, mainly by addressing the following four points:

  1. Progress toward equal opportunity for professional women (equality in the arena of play, equal prize money, sponsorship and media opportunities).
  2. Progress toward equality in total participation numbers at all levels.
  3. Progress toward increased diversity of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.
  4. Strong development programs to nurture and advance athletes of all ages and abilities to the next level of performance.

The Equally Inspiring programme focusses on the second and fourth points by offering female athletes of all backgrounds and ages the opportunity to receive three months of free coaching towards a triathlon of their choice.

Why did I apply?

Put simply, I’ve never worked with a coach so one of my motivations was definitely performance, followed closely by curiosity. 2017 will be my fifth triathlon season, I’ve now raced every distance and have been pleased with my results but I felt I was reaching the limits of working from plans. This mostly in terms of learning about goal setting, race execution and pre/post-race strategies and knowing how far to push myself in training. I believe that working with a coach will give me the opportunity to become a more rounded athlete, challenge myself more in training – and race execution – gain experience and further improve my performance, in particular over longer distances.


My motivations for applying did not just lie with seeking personal improvement, there is also the “greater purpose” that is so important to me, whatever I do. I recognise my personal values in what TriEqual stands for and am very much aware of the generosity of all 58 coaches who are donating their time to us! What an amazing show of faith and humanity on their part. I see the whole Equally Inspiring movement as an exercise in community spirit and sharing. So on my side, I’m hoping to give back to the community through sharing my new experiences and insights with other women and girls. It’s about empowerment and helping others trust themselves and follow their hearts in their endeavours, first in line of course, The Cub, my very own, in residence growing athlete who does seem inspired from watching her mum’s efforts.

The Equally Inspiring team has between November 1st 2016 till October 31st 2017 to use our coaching. So this means that I’ve been doing some serious thinking about my season next year and it’s starting to look very exciting indeed!

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