Diolch – Thank You – Merci

Today, Friday the 13th, at 8.00 (my lucky number), I registered for my third A race of 2017.

Before we publish the full year plan, I just want here and now to say a huge and warm Thank You to my special sports managers in 2016.

Liz for the Ras Dewi Saint, the St David’s half marathon. It is a beautiful race on the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast Path. The cawl at the finish line was spot on. I hope you will be able to do it this year.



Julie for the Darth Mannion upgrade from reservist to immortal. From there I joined the 3rd day of the Marathon de Gwyr then played a regulator at the Darth Minions and eventually joined the Darth Coastal runners club last week.
Wolfy Dulcinea, who shared with me her prize of 2 free spot at the Eton triathlon sprint series. It is a great (Olympic 2012) venue for outdoor events, safe and a top notch organization with so many participants.



Nathalie allowed me to visit Cardiff on closed roads, with my first ever pre race gender check. The half marathon is a race for a bucket list, loved the dragon flames at the start. Hope you’ll do it this year. After all, the London marathon is a good warm-up race for it.



Helen and her father. The Merthyr Mawr Christmas pudding race sells out every year in 10 minutes. It punches even above its reputation. A “dig dipper” sand dune as a starter, a multi terrain trail as the “résistance” and a cold brew to cross before the infamous Xmas pudding at the finish line. Terrific.

You made my year better. Without you, I would not have had the opportunities to discover such great events with all the fun attached.
I wish you all the best and a DNS free 2017.

Thank You & Happy Friday

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