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Going up a notch in 2017

We've spent a bit of time assessing where we're at today in comparison to last year and we've realised that there are quite few things that are better. Here's what’s new at the beginning of 2017…

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Equally Inspiring!

I was beyond excited when I recently received a message inviting me to join the 2016-17 Equally Inspiring Team along another 74 athletes! A couple of months ago, I’d applied to become part of the Equally…

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Meet Dr Takeiteasy, dealing with a setback

Unexpectedly, Challenge Roth was my last triathlon of the 2016 season. I had another three lined up but it turned out I had to watch them come and go from a distance. It happened quickly: at the end of…

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One of our favourite words in the house is "optimisation". How do you juggle a Saturday where you have to rent a car at 12:00, get in your second to last big brick session before Challenge…

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