TWex stands for Tiger & Wolf Exploration.

She’s the Wolf through a chance meeting and years of work. He is simply born a Tiger.

She favours nature over nurture and of course he behaves as though he favoured just the opposite.

I am a wildlife biologist, wolves are the first animal I did research on and through months in forests and some chance encounters they touched my soul. Wolves are fast, I tracked them on bikes through mud or snow and experienced my first fartleks thanks to them. I now have a daughter, which makes us a pack.

The TWEx tiger is my soulmate, he is as independent and playful as the animal and a master at mind games.

Exploration is what we live for.

We’re all French  but only one of us has lived (a bit) in France. Our current home is in South Wales, UK, where we’ve lived since the London Olympics. In short, we’ve travelled a lot and lived in a few places!

We set ourselves the challenge to transmit some of our TWexperiences. So here you will find a collection of our thoughts on exploration, triathlon, adventure, mind, wildlife, conservation, running, mountain biking, water sports, the great outdoors, travel, food and drinks and of course getting the kids out.

He also calls Wolfy “Dulcinea” because he cares, while she would sometimes retaliate with “Tekon” because she dares…and since the winter 2015 Pen Y Fan Dance, we both appreciate that who dares win.