It looks like our race calendar is not going to change anymore so time to publish it! We’ve all got lots going on this year. We’ll be trying new events, going to Europe and re-visiting some places we love.

Georges has some exciting things brewing so I get to race more than him this year. He’s still got some pretty cool stuff coming up though! 

Cardiff bay run

31st March

Cardiff - Wales

Both Georges and myself eased back into race season with the Cardiff Bay 10k. This race starts (and ends) in the wonderful Roald Dahl Plass and takes you around Cardiff bay. Scenic, flat and very well organised.

Battle on the beach

6-7th April

Pembrey - Wales

I was the only one racing Battle on the Beach and Battle in the Dark an evening “prologue” that takes place in the dark. The main event is roughly 40 km long and off-road on the beach and sand dunes. The race is just around the corner from us and I’d been eyeing it for a couple of years so I was delighted to be racing it.

Eton dorney Sprint

19th May

Eton Dorney - England

Here again, I’ll be the only one racing the Eton Dorney Sprint, a race we both did in 2016. It’s a fun, and inclusive event in a beautiful venue. This year a couple of our friends will be experiencing their debut in triathlon there so we’re looking forward to supporting them.

Staffordshire 70.3

9th June

Staffordshire - England

Both me and Georges will be racing the Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire. We’ve never done it so we’re looking forward to discovering a new area in the UK.

Fan Dance High Moon

6th July

Brecon Beacons - Wales

Another event I’ll be doing on my own. The two of us have done the winter Fan Dance and the High Moon (its night edition) in winter. This will be my first summer event and it will be my first time doing it in the load bearing category rather than clean fatigue with a minimal pack. This should take me back to the good old days of expeditions in the hills, carrying massive packs and water. I’m still trying to get my head around it…

Alpe D'huez Triathlon

24-26th July

Alpe d'Huez - France

We are all immensely looking forward to this one! The Alpe d’Huez triathlon was my first long distance triathlon in 2015, Georges has raced it twice, once the long and once the short and The Cub did the children’s triathlon in 2015. This year we will all race it, The Cub will do the children’s triathlon on the 24th, I will do the long distance on the 25th and Georges will do the short on the 26th. This event is one of the most fun and beautiful we’ve all had the pleasure of doing. And yes… there is the food!

Ironman Wales

15th September

Tenby - Wales

The two of us will race Ironman Wales for the third year in a row (and for the fourth time for Georges)! And of course, The Cub is signed up for Ironkids. It really looks like this event is becoming a regular  on our calendar and for a good reason. Yes, it’s local to us and also it fits really well into my work calendar so that makes logistics so much easier. More importantly though the racing in terms of scenery and atmosphere is simply amazing in Tenby and this alone would make you want to come back again and again. Who doesn’t want to experience a day-long street party?